Online therapeutic support in English for internationals and expats

for help with issues you may be dealing with today or from your past.

Most people want some kind of change in their lives but can find it hard to work through things on their own.

Therapeutic support can help to untangle the muddles in our minds and in our hearts so that you feel more in control and at ease with your life choices.

Focus areas could include: relationships, communication, career/work, work/life balance, life transitions, parenting, stress management, wellbeing and health.

My name is Janine Miller and, as a UK-trained, Sweden-based psychotherapist, I can offer a supportive, empathic, challenging and confidential space for you to work through whatever it is you need to work though.



To arrange an online appointment text or call 0733594216 and leave a message with your name and contact details,

or send me a message via email or the website.

A.O., Malmö

"Janine is very generous with her knowledge and helps others to see things from new perspectives.


To work with Janine is a great pleasure."

W.G., Malmö

"The talk with you REALLY helped me a lot to gain some clarity in thought. 


I felt listened to, this space I'm in right now understood without judgement or "advice".


Truly grateful!"

A.A., Malmö

Janine's kindness, willingness to share her own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, are outstanding. I feel I have gained a trustworthy supporter, and a confidant.

Thanks Janine⚘

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